Report conference on "feeding damage by deer" in Kochi City (Dr. Motoki Higa: July, 2016)

Acceptance on R&D Program of Japan Science and Technology Agency (Assoc. Prof. Hiraoka: June, 2016)

Presentation award on the Chugoku-Shikoku Branch of the Ecological Society of Japan (Yumi Henmi, PhD student: May, 2016)

certificate of commendation


Award on the "Venture Business in Kochi" (Jun Hachiya, PhD student: Nov, 2015)

"Aonori (green laver) Ice cream", a newly developed products (Jun Hachiya, PhD student: Aug, 2015)

Two articles are cited by IPCC report - Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability. Chapter 24: Asia, p. 1342 - (Feb, 2015)

  1. Kouki Tanaka (PhD Student), Hiroko Haraguchi (Alumni), Masanori Hiraoka (Assoc. Prof.) Tanaka K, Taino S, Hiraguchi H, Prendergast G, Hiraoka M. 2012. Warming off southwestern Japan linked to distributional shifts of subtidal canopy-forming seaweeds. Ecology and Evolution 2: 2854-2865.
  2. Yohei Nakamura, Masanori Hiraoka (Assoc. Prof.) Terazono Y, Nakamura Y, Imoto Z, Hiraoka M. 2012. Fish response to expanding trophical Sargassum beds on the temperate coasts of Japan. Marine Ecology Pregress Series 464: 209-220.


Article Award for “Chromosome Science” (Takahiro Taguchi, Accoc. Prof.: Oct. 2014)

certificate of commendation

Article Title: "Detection of characteristic heterochromatin distribution, highly amplified rRNA genes and presence of the human satellite III DNA motif in the scleractinian coral Echinophyllia aspera Ellis and Solander 1788"

Scholarship for International Students (New Strategy Type) (June, 2014)

"Kochi University Foundation for International Collaboration" establishes new scholarship system

"Nurturing Talented People to Establish a Sustainable Society in the Kuroshio Region", a scholarship program for PhD course students from Philippines (June, 2014)



Kashiwajima Fieldwork and Lecture Series (Representative: Prof. Teruyuki Shinbo - Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) & Faculty of Social Science - Oct, 2016)

Date: 30th, Oct - 1st, Sep, 2016)

Place: Kashiwajima (small island located in South-west Kochi)

*this series is part of the “Advanced Study of socioeconomic and ecological research (compulsory credit for PhD special program student"

Research Seminar: "Integrated Coastal Management” (Prof. Daisuke Miura - Kanagawa University -: July, 2016)

30 min seminar: ”Ocean Management” (Prof. Hiroyuki Yoritaka - Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) & Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science - June, 2016)

Research Seminar: ”Marine Viruses” (Prof. Keizo Nagasaki - Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) & Faculty of Agriculture and Marine Science - May, 2016)

Research Seminar: Ecology of Sardines and トド (Prof. Hiroyuki Matsuda - Yokohama National University - Jan, 2016)


Research Seminar: ”Interdisciplinary Research and Education” (Prof. Hisasi Kurokura - University of the Tokyo - Dec, 2015)

30 min seminar: Life work of Prof. Sugitani and Analytical Science of 沒食子 ink (Prof. Takashi Sugitani - Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) & Faculty of Social Science - and Prof Keiji Gamoh, - Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) & Faculty of Education -, Dec, 2015)

Research Seminar: Forest Resource Management in Philippines (Dr. Atsuko Hayama, どこ? Dec, 2015)

9th Kuroshio Science Symposium in Kaohshung, Taiwan: (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsung, Taiwan: Nov, 2016)

30 min seminar: Analyzing actinomycetes present in sediments of Tosa Bay and Exchange History along Kuroshio Region (Assist. Prof. Dana Ulanova – Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) and General Center - and Prof. Hiroshi Yoshio - Kuroshio Science program (PhD course) and Faculty of Social Science - Nov, 2015)